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IDECUP for the blind and visually impaired

1st International Germany Cup for the blind and visually impaired

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Dear blind and visually impaired people interested in sports,


We hereby invite you and your companions to take part in the 1st International Germany Cup for the blind and visually impaired.


In the past three years, the Schützengesellschaft Langelsheim e.V. has modernized the club's shooting sports facilities, made them barrier-free and inclusive and, as the world's only shooting sports facility, has technically equipped them with 12 permanent facilities for blind and visually impaired people.


This event is not only about those people who are already involved in shooting sports, but especially about people who have not yet focused on shooting sports due to their visual impairment.


Come to Langelsheim in the beautiful North Harz region and, in addition to the new sporting experience, spend a few beautiful days in the heart of Lower Saxony.


Also for the first time, a trade fair will be held to accompany the event, at which numerous suppliers of aids related to the topic of "blind and visually impaired people" will present themselves.

We have published partner hotels under the menu item "Accommodation options".


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